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  • 06.05.2011 Corporate News

    Active Caps Technology

    INCOS Srl, has the technology to manufacture the innovative ACTIVE CAPS: extremely easy to use they transform your simple water in a tasty healthy drink.

    SUITABLE FOR HALF LITRE WATER BOTTLE, they are: effective since they contain more active principles, practical, you can keep them everywhere, tasty, to enjoy during the day, useful, to satisfy specific wellbeing needs

    We fill the caps in our plant so there is a complete control on each step of the production process.
    The 2 grams of granulate contained in caps is made in our plant by fluid bed granulation process which increases the solubility of powders and the stability of the product.
    We start from herbal extracts, flavours and functional ingredients in powder form.
    You have the possibility to choose functionality or just taste. Tailor made formulations thanks to the presence of [...]

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